June 2

The time is right for virtual and remote internships

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit many businesses hard. Plans for growth and hiring staff have been put on hold and there are many well-reported staff redundancies.

Internships Cancelled at Short Notice

What is less well reported is the number of interns whose internships have been cancelled at short notice. Many of those interns would have been working over the summer in dream jobs with every hope of being hired at the end of the internship. Some companies have switched to virtual internships but these have been shorter and perhaps not as engaging as they might have been in normal times.

Make the Internship Experience as Real as Possible

Really Excellent Internships aims to address this deficiency by providing virtual internships in a simulated company where interns can learn all about how a company works. Interns can pursue real projects and interact with business tutors who are trained to respond as if they were a customer, supplier, or manager in that company. The aim is to make the experience as real as possible. One big advantage each intern will have is a good understanding of how a company can function when many of its staff and much of its activity happens remotely. Welcome to the new normal.

Remote Internships with a Real Company

For a lucky few there will be a chance to do a remote internship with a real company rather than a simulation. Again the chance to learn how to work remotely will be a key skill in the new world of work.

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