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Really Excellent  internship simulator

The Really Excellent simulated internship takes place in a simulated company where you can get real experience interacting with real people and work on a real project project that is meaningful to you.

With a simulated company you can get a far broader range of experience than a traditional internship. It allows you to try out different areas of business and learn what you enjoy doing most. 

What you get...

  • Four-week programme
  • 15 hours per week of group sessions
  • 30 minutes per week with your mentor
  • Certificate of participation, reference and LinkedIn recommendation
  • Access to guest lectures and resources
A unique Virtual internship experience

Our company simulator gives you all the experience of working for a real company. Scenarios are drawn from real events and presented by experienced business tutors.

Understand how British companies operate

Our company simulator creates a British working environment to help interns from the UK and overseas understand British working practices

Learn with a cohort of interns from around the world

Each cohort can consist of interns from different backgrounds and cultures. Interns learn from specialist tutors as well as from each other

Internships in a range of fields

Choose a field of interest from product development, sales and marketing, human resources, IT, finance, and strategy. Or choose an option to experience all fields equally.

Human Resources



How it works ->

  1. 1
    Apply online using the form above
    Complete the short application form indicating your areas of interest
  2. 2
    Compete video interview
    Once your application and programme fee has been received we will ask you to complete a video interview so we can see your passion for an internship position. Your tutor will use this as the starting point for their mentorship of you through the programme
  3. 3
    Start your internship
    Work from home for a simulated company which is specifically designed to push you to achieve your goals and give you experience which you can use to be hired.

What our interns say

Alexander Hamilton

Physics student

"Doing a virtual internship showed me all aspects of a company and I have a much better idea of the kind of work I will enjoying doing."

Julia Stewart

Chemistry student

" With a remote internship I was able to work for a real company in the industry to build up my experience and increase my chances of getting hired."


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What you get...

  • Four-week programme
  • 15 hours per week of group sessions
  • 30 minutes per week with your mentor
  • Access to guest lectures and resources

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